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The Safe Event Scheme is an initiative devised to help venues, rights holders and event operators to plan, manage and implement a responsible set of standardised safety measures.

For the general public the scheme will provide a simple recognisable symbol offering them assurance that the events they enjoy attending are planned and managed safely and responsibly, particularly in the light of COVID-19 protocols.

The Safe Event Scheme provides a standardised process for ensuring events are planned, delivered and managed safely and responsibly.

Events displaying the Safe Event Scheme logo have been verified to ensure they:

1. Do not compromise public health

2. Follow current guidance on COVID19

3. Do not place an undue burden on civil resources (such as health care, police etc.)

4. Have the right infrastructure and management in place to keep everyone safe.

The scheme is there so that everyone can feel confident and assured about attending the events we enjoy and love. By looking for the Safe Event Scheme logo, you are choosing an event that is committed to the health and wellbeing of spectators, visitors, event staff, performers, athletes and the wider community.

#saveeventscheme #responsibleevents

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