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Following the recent launch of the Safe Event Scheme website and event planning app, we are delighted to announce the introduction of our Affiliate Partner Programme for event industry associations, event trade federations, and sports’ governing bodies.

The Safe Event Scheme logo has been devised, in response to the Covid-19 challenge, to be a simple way for people to recognise sporting and cultural events that have been planned, produced, and managed safely and responsibly.

Promoting competent event safety compliance, events accredited by the scheme are able to demonstrate their commitment to operating responsibly and provide assurance to event visitors, spectators, staff and participants.

The vision for the scheme is to create an instantly recognisable universal ‘kitemark’ for event safety which can be applied to any cultural or sporting event, regardless of size, venue or complexity. As part of that vision, our Affiliate Partner Programme will enable organisations to ensure the Safe Event Scheme accreditation process is aligned with their own codes of practice and guidance.

By being affiliated to the Safe Event Scheme, organisations are able to empower their member associations, sports clubs and venues to meet best practice standards, as set by their own guidance. At the same time, the public attending these events will benefit from a widely recognisable, cross-sector, assurance mark.

Providing the event-going public with a universal assurance mark demonstrates that their safety, and that of event workers, suppliers and the wider community, has been planned and managed responsibly by the organiser. By working with the event industry’s highly respected associations and governing bodies, the scheme is able to ensure the public benefits from the clarity of that message whilst also safeguarding that its accredited events meet sector specific protocols.

Where the scheme’s accreditation applicants are not already members of an affiliated organisation, the Safe Event Scheme advisory panel, who assesses accreditation applications, will evaluate submitted plans against the guidance of the appropriate body, referring the applicant to the relevant guidance, where necessary. This will, in-turn, enable affiliated organisations to communicate their specific safe event guidance to non-member event professionals operating within their sector.

Safe Event Scheme Project Director Carl Thompson commented “The Affiliate Partner Programme is a critical aspect of the way in which the scheme seeks to provide assurance to the public and help re-build the events industry.”